Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reflections on the webinars by the WorldWatch Institute

Dear readers,
Please have a look at an interesting reflection on our webinars about "Dispelling the myth on sustainable consumption" in the blog of the WorldWatch Institute written by Alison Singer. She raises the issue that the focus on sustainable consumption, while being neccesary, is still limited and needs to be complemented by the "deep-seated" behavioural shift towards downsizing and degrowth.

Although we absolutely agree with this suggestion, as researchers we feel that we still need to develop robust theories and models and test different macro-economic scenarios in order to provide policy and decision makers with evidence-based alternatives and solutions so that they could initiate the shift to the economy and society that is less dependent on unfettered economic growth.

You will find more fascinating ideas and on-going projects about alternative ways for societal development on the homepage of "Research & Degrowth" - an academic association dedicated to research, training and awareness raising around degrowth.

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